Tuesday, 31 July 2012

VT's Nine Challenge Challenge

This blog was originally started to document projects I was planning to work on - but then I decided not to do them, and now I've forgotten what they are. Now, though, it has a purpose again:

Yesterday, I was talking to one of my friends, who doesn't Sim but is well aware of my obsession, about feeling like I've done everything after playing TS2 so long. She grinned like a maniac and said if I was that much of an expert, I'd have no problem proving it.

I should point out here that the two of us are avid writers and gamers and have worked on a lot of stuff together (for example, she helped with the creation of my Universal Sim Naming Language), and one of those things involved the creation of an order of warriors who use a form of martial arts we call wakamar. Basically, there are nine levels of proficiency in wakamar, and to achieve the first rank you have to accomplish certain tasks. These tasks get progressively harder the higher you climb through the ranks. So, basically, I've been challenged to prove my Simming expertise wakamar style. Nine challenges, some well-known, some obscure, each harder than the last (for me, at least). And the first thing I'll be using this blog for is to record my progress in the Nine Challenge Challenge.

NEXT POST: VT takes on the Prosperity Challenge... and boy, is it going to be challenging. *looks at random family rolls again and shudders*

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